Due to Covid-19  all Body Art Services are done by Appointment Only.
*Same Day Appointments May be available, Call for more info.



NO EARLY BIRDING! Appointments are scheduled in a manor to limit and control flow of
clientele and thus minimize risk of exposure for everyone. You will have to wait in your car if
you arrive early.

COME ALONE! Only one person is allowed per ARTIST per booth.
*Excluding minor children for piercings who must be accompanied by 1 parent or legal guardian.

KEEP IT LIGHT! Due to limited space in each booth please limit the amount and size of personal items you bring.

STAY STRONG! Have a meal or snack before your appointment to keep your stamina and
comfort level up however There Is No Food Or Drink Allowed On The Premises.

WEAR YOUR MASK! It is a choice but we do Recommend them!

KEEP IT CLEAN! Don't Touch Your Face, Piercings or Tattoos!

Sneeze or Cough Through Your Mask Into Your Elbow!
Sanitize Your Hands After Everything!

HAVE A GREAT TIME! We Are So Happy To See You! We Aim To Make Your Visit With Us
Safe And Comfortable.

BE A HERO! If You Feel Sick Or Not Well In Any Way Before Your Appointment STAY
HOME And Call Us. We will be very happy to work with you to get you in when you are better!


*Please Note Tattoos & Piercings Are Wounds And They Need A Strong Immune
System To Heal Correctly.
.. There Is No Rush We Will Be Here! ♥

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