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Paramedical or Medical Restorative Tattooing

Occasionally people experience an event in their life that results in a change to a feature in their appearance and they have a desire to improve this aesthetically. Paramedical aka Medical Restorative Tattooing, which is a advanced form of cosmetic tattooing, is an option that can facilitate a desired change or restoration of appearance. It works hand-in-hand with the plastic reconstructive industry.


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Scar camouflage, also known as corrective pigment camouflage (CPC), is a paramedical tattooing procedure that utilizes flesh-tone inks to blend scars into the surrounding skin.

It can also be used to treat a variety of different types of scars such as:

  • Burn Scars

  • Hypo Pigmentations

  • Surgery Scars

  • Stretch marks

  • Plastic Surgery Scars

  • Cleft Palates

  • Injury Scars

  • Congenital Anomalies

  • Vitiligo *Condition must be in remission and can only be done on small areas

Scar Camouflage is NOT advised when:

  • The scar is under 1 year old

  • The scar is still pink or purple in color

  • The scar is hypertrophic (raised or bumpy)

  • The scar has dark edges (Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (PIHP)

  • If the scar is or if you tend to Keloid

  • Spider veins

  • Freckles

  • Age spots

  • Under eye circles

  • Hyper-pigmentation


*May require multiple sessions to reach the desired effect

A free no obligation consultation is required

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*Terms & Conditions:
1. This service is not appropriate for all scars
2. Scars must be at least 1 year old
3. A Consultation is required to determine the final quoted price.
4. The final quoted price is determined by the amount of coverage that is needed and the area of the scar.
5. A total of 2 to 4 sessions are typically required to achieve the desired look.

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